About Us

Esteem Plantations (Pvt) Ltd is a plantation management company with a scientific approach in the maintenance and management of plantations both from an agricultural and commercial perspective. The company possesses expertise and interest in plantations and offers a total business and professional overview while helping in minimizing costs and ensuring commensurate profits for investors.

The company is a subsidiary of JAT Holdings, the leader in the production of wood coatings.

It places emphasis on Sandalwood and Mahogany in particular and today, provides the general public with planting initiatives and the advantage of receiving advice and business counselling in terms of growing and managing Sandalwood and Mahogany.

Sandalwood and Mahogany are just two types of plantations that Esteem manages. Sandalwood, in particular, is not an easy crop to plant. Therefore, with our facility and expertise, plantation owners can receive our proficiency from the very start. We possess the genuine experience and interest in plantations and we provide clients with a total business perspective whilst helping them to minimize costs.