Our Project
Esteem Plantations has already acquired a presence in places such as Badulla, Balangoda, Matale, Kuruwita, Gatahetta, Ayagama, Kukuleganga, Matugama and Pelawatta, just to name a few.
Sandalwood as an investment

As for sandalwood, it is essential to take into notice that between 1988 to 2008, Sandalwood prices had shot up 20% on an annual basis. Globally, investments in the forestry sector was recorded to have fallen only twice during the recent past, when compared to other forms of investments.

We are also planning to add value to Sandalwood. A client can earn up to Rs. 400,000 from one tree during the harvesting perio. The harvest depends on the level of maintenance and that’s where Esteem Plantations’ expertise and ingenuity come into effect. They emphasize the aspect of the economies of scale, whenever they become apparent.

The demand for Sandalwood trees is not limited to India. Countries such as China, Taiwan as well as countries in Europe have shown an increasing demand for this product. Sandalwood is being widely used as a major ingredient in products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and perfumery, just to name a few.

huge boost to country’s GDP

Esteem Plantations (Pvt) Ltd is encouraging the growth of Sandalwood plantations in general due to a number of feasible reasons. The Plantations Sector is a key area, where the country’s GDP can witness a huge boost.