Our Services
  • Esteem Plantations provides expert advice to clients on plantation investments, what crops are best suited for your land you plan to invest in, etc.
  • We also offer investors advice on the suitable crops for short, medium or long-term utilization of your land and to gain maximum benefits.
  • We provide maintenance and management of plantations with experienced Field Managers and Supervisors and other skilled and qualified personnel. The company specializes in various kinds of plantations based on clients’ requirements, land area, geographical location, growth viability and other relevant factors.

Esteem Plantations strives to provide its clients with the best of services, from the growing of trees until the client is able to receive the end benefit, providing a proper mechanism, making sure that the client gets the best from the harvest.

What Esteem Plantations emphasizes is not the investment, but to make use of your land’s availability to the maximum. That, by itself, is an investment.

Esteem Plantations undertakes major projects in terms of size but, as above-mentioned, it mainly depends on the area, weather and consistency.